Potenzial von Technologie & Intuition

The Potential of Technology and Intuition

<With logic one can offer evidence, but to gain new findings it requires intuition> Henri Poincare

  • Ensure the future position of your enterprise by new technologies, without being kept by technical limits.
  • Plan today the technology for your tomorrow products
  • Find with my assistance the solutions, which are counted as unthinkable and extend the barriers of technical feasible
  • Use for that the potential of your existing technology 
  • Uncover with me the idle technical resources of your company for quality and cost 
  • Solve issues in manufacturing with my expert view from outside and with my analysis and lateral thinking grasp
  • Find with me as the technology detective faults, which are caused in previous process steps but take effect in subsequent processes
  • Integrate the specialists of your company into my activities, both in applying existing knowledge and to train the solution methodology