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Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Sawall – My Profile

Sawall – Technology & Intuition

I am technology all-rounder and problem solver as well as an engineer for process engineering, plastics processing and automotive specialist with about 30 years industrial experience. I know the practical processing as well as research and development for products and processes.
As a technical consultant I support my customers in all material processing branches in quality assurance and cost saving on existing production plants but also in development of products and processes.

With my versatile experiences from several industrial branches and their methods I even solve issues in what the specialists stuck in. I find solutions even in cases in which the specialists do not have experiences to be used or if the reason is located in the interface between the specialties.

In branches, in which I’m no specialist or do not have experiences, I learn the knowledge from the specialists of the branch. From my outside perspective I acknowledge the covered weaknesses of the technology.