Leistungsangebot von Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Sawall

My Service Offer

Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Sawall – New Paths in Technology

I’m offering the following services depending on the precise need. Thereby I involve your specialists and even build on their special knowledge.

Training for Trouble Shooting

Take your posible difficulties in production as a subject matter for my trouble shooting workshop:
We solve the issue and train at the same time the competence of your specialists for providing solutions. – Lasting learning on real case!
In fine: Aid in helping yourself

Design and Development

Do you adjoin the limits of feasible in developing new products or technologies?
Than I will find together with your specialists ways to the goal – without beeing held up by technical obstacles. Let’s start at first with te impossible!
In fine: Securing the future position of your company

Urgent problem solving action

Are your production plans standig still or do you have an acute quality issue concerning one of your key accounts? Do you need a trouble shooter immediately today or tomorrow? I’m carrying that out instantly. – I’m on my way!
In fine: Technology-Firefighter

In which area you may need my assistenz, I base always on the internal know-how and process knowledge of your specialists. We develope togethter the best fitting solution for you and in doing so your employees obtain a maximum of problem solving competence.
Our succes results from my triad of knowledge, experience and my intuition as a bonus.
The impossible is carried out immediately, wonder take a bit longer.