Potenzial von Technologie & Intuition

What for Intuition

Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Sawall – New Ways in Technology

Specialists solve an issue by using their multiple experiences from the past. They know any kind of failure and how they solved it before.

But if a fault appears at the first time, they have no access to experiences and do not have a solution.

Also if a failure occurs in the interface between two special fields none of the specialist of both branches has experiences with it and is not able to solve it. Example: A plastic part is manufactured by injection molding and lacquered than. A fault in injection molding will be first visible after lacquering.

With the use of intuition I start at that point, were specialist don’t get further. In communication with the specialists we collect all special knowledge and first experiences with the actual issue as a base for my further investigations. Then I detect by intuition that detail, which was ignored as yet and which leads me to the solution.
In doing so I am the detective in technology.

By the way: In information technology intuition does not work. IT is made exclusively be men and is not determined by natural laws.

In my activities I combine my roots in classic technical world and my openness and connection to mental information, which is also called intuition, inspiration or gut instinct.

<What really matters is intuition> Albert Einstein