Sawall – Technology & Intuition

The Machine Whisperer

Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Sawall

As technology allrounder and trouble-shooter as well as studied process engineer I have more than 30 years of industrial experience in plastics and automotive engineering. I know the industrial practice as well as research and development of products and processes.

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  • Consulting und training in solving production and quality issues
  • Product and technology development, bypassing technical obstacles
  • Immediate support at production standstill or quality issues
  • Trouble shooting in all material-processing industrial sectors
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My Course of Action
to solve an Issue:

  • 1

    I define the goal
    regardless of the technical feasibility

  • 2

    I recognize the obstacles
    to achieve this goal

  • 3

    I am looking for ways
    to bypass the obstacles and choose the simplest

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The Potential of Technology and Intuition

Intuition may seem rather unusual in connection with technical production processes. But exactly this intellectual component describes the objectives and also the approaches and thus makes thereby a further technical development quite possible.

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Intuition - Sawall


Intuition by itself is nothing eytraordinary. Everyone has it, you too. But may be you do not know this, are not open for it. Perhaps you are totally busy at the moment with evaluating the experiences gained in the past and implications for the future …

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Unmögliches - Sawall


The term 'impossible' is very relativ and will be corrected with every technical-physically finding.
So the stories of Jules Verne with manned rockets and submarines were considered as complete nonsense …

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Schulung - Sawall


Linking technology and intution creates enormous opportunities. To develop these opportunities in your company I recommend you my lectures or a training for your employees.

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